O Level/IP Biology Classes

Biology can lead to many exciting careers in particular life sciences and molecular biology.

Welcome To Science Masterclass Biology

Latin motto, sixteenth century 

This motto is most apt for any student who has chosen to do Biology

Biology syllabus varies in sequence from one school to another but usually involves 23 chapters. The greatest challenge a student faces is to make sense of fundamental concepts on her own as schools usually focus on content and in some schools, a chapter is completed within a lesson! We urge you to join us right at the beginning, to build momentum and confidence!

Albert Einstein once said no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. In the same way, a student can never make sense of biology concepts unless her consciousness is raised to a higher level. We offer small group coaching for biology and because we personalize learning for each student, we ensure that fundamental concepts are understood and we spend considerable time to distill what was confusing in school.

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