About Science MasterClass

We are the first centre that offers hands-on practical sessions for our students. We firmly believe in building the next generation of scientists through learning science the right way – the inquiry approach.

Our Existence – To Solve Your Problem

Have you ever felt disappointed or anxious over your child’s performance, to that extent that you felt so drained, having to guide him by yourself? Are you trying hard to find an excellent Science teacher to coach your child?
We have found that 59% of the science lessons are not effective because of the following:

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How People Learn​

Research tells us that the student learns best when he has


High Self-efficacy

Psychologist Albert Bandura has defined self-efficacy as one’s belief in his ability to succeed in specific situations or accomplish a task. One’s sense of self-efficacy can play a major role in how one approaches goals, tasks and challenges. Our lessons are customized and designed to ensure the students taste success, gain confidence and boost performance.


Good Learning Strategies

It is time to learn science the right way. Inquiry-based teaching is simply the best way of learning science as it is a perfect complement to a student’s natural curiosity about science and how it works. Every lesson at Science Masterclass, we design investigations & hands-on experiments to get students to co-construct knowledge. By integrating science laboratories into the regular classes, students naturally develop reasoning & analyzing skills and a keen eye for observation and exploration.


Low Anxiety

We have heard many stories of how anxiety cripple and cause students to blank out during examinations. Our lessons are designed to eliminate anxiety as the students would be actively engaged in science performance tasks, through the fulfillment of his learning needs and competencies.


High Task Value

We spare no effort to work towards giving our students a positive learning experience. In every hands-on experiment conducted, students have the opportunities to describe and clarify; elaborate and justify; hypothesize and analyze.


Good Self Regulation

According to Education Week (Lawton, 1997), a poll showed that students who carried out hands-on experiments in science classrooms have a better attitude about the subject than students who learned science through lectures and assigned textbook reading. Nearly 25 percent of the students in traditional classes said that science is their most difficult subject. It is our desire to create and design science lessons that would enhance motivation and get students to become self-directed learners.


Personal Encounter

Students who have high anxiety, poor self-regulation and poor learning strategies need additional personal touch. We all know that too well. Naturally, we resist learning a subject if we are not good at it, as we do not want to fail. And one of the best way was to avoid the task so that there will be no failure. Sometimes, learners have zero task value. At Science Masterclass, we are best at understanding our learners and add a personal touch to make them feel at ease to learn.