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Situated in the vibrant heart of Ang Mo Kio, Science Masterclass stands out as the Best Science Tuition for your child. Celebrated as one of the Best Science Tuition Centre, we have seamlessly combined Primary Science Tuition and Secondary Science Tuition under one roof, ensuring a continuous learning continuum. 

 Our best science teacher works diligently to assess each learner at their unique stage of learning. Through this, we construct assessment tasks tailored to pinpoint and nurture each individual, ensuring they grasp science concepts with clarity.

By choosing Science Masterclass, most stress will be eliminated from the academic equation and most importantly,  position our learner for unparalleled success. Dive deeper into the realm of science with us, where expert teaching meets individualized learning.

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Joash OngJoash Ong
05:28 28 Oct 23
Very good, clear and patient when teaching. Mr Jimmy will always make sure everyone in the class masters the current topic before moving on to the new topic. He gives us tests regularly to see our weaknesses and spends time correcting us. After exams he would let us do experiments not only for fun but also to prepare us for practical exams in sec 3-4. Giving us a head start in the new school year to come.
17:44 23 Oct 23
i love it👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
ninwe choninwe cho
12:19 23 Oct 23
I would like to extend my sincere gratitude towards Teacher Jimmy. His effort and dedication together with his patience and understanding, thrived my child in his Science. I appreciate his time and effort to answer all our questions. Thank you for being such a great teacher!
Lim GerrardLim Gerrard
03:30 22 Oct 23
Science Masterclass has helped me understand all my Science topics better. From a D7 to a constant A1, their worksheets have proved to be extremely useful in helping me apply my Scientific knowledge in exams. Very grateful to Tr Jimmy in helping me debunk certain misconceptions. Additionally, his lessons were fun and exciting. From hands- on practicals to interesting lessons. Really enjoyed my time there! Highly recommend Science Masterclass!
WaterFlame comWaterFlame com
14:17 21 Oct 23
Thanks for Teacher Jimmy for really helping me with my Physics! His effective teaching methods and notes really help a lot. I've been acing my Physics without fail.Ms Ng's chemistry teaching is also great! My chemistry grades has also been very consistent A1s. Practical lessons are highly interactive and super fun especially when doing QAOverall a very good tuition centre. Even though I only came here by chance, I don't think I will be leaving any memories behind, they will be with me for life! 😁
Raymond (astericxs)Raymond (astericxs)
12:26 21 Oct 23
Under the guidance of Mr Jimmy, I have not only gained a deeper insight into various scientific topics but have also honed my answering skills significantly. Mr Jimmy explains each topic very thoroughly, breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible bits. The wealth of practice materials have also helped me gain significant exposure to many questions, making it easier for me to answer the questions in actual exams. I'm grateful to Mr Jimmy and would highly recommend anyone who needs help in science to join.

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